ForesT Bathing with Siberian Fir

Pine bathing , or Forest Bathing as we call it at Quantum Botanika has been popular for centuries and has been used in many treatments. It is particularly favoured in physiotherapy and the prevention of many inflammatory diseases. Here at Quantum Botanika we like to use the essential oils derived  from Siberian Fir, that is created through the distillation of the the needles and twigs gathered in sustainable ways.

Pine bathing is known for they therapeutical relaxing effects so we also recommend it for people suffering with insomnia or if you are going through a phase of high nervous tension. To get the best results during these stressful periods take your Forest Bathing hot bath with Siberian Fir Oil every other day for 20 minutes. When taking the bath fill it to just below your chest avoiding covering your shoulders and head with water .Enjoy your truly therapeutical bath with Siberian Fir essential oil .

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