Cryo Depuffer Tool


The benefits of utilising Cryo Depuffer spoons in your beauty regime are to invigorate, refresh and depuff for the skin. The short-term effect is glowing skin with visibly reduced redness. The Cryo Spoons can be kept in your refrigerator to ensure that they are cold when used. Their low temperature reduces the blood flow in capillaries and lessens the quantity of blood under the skin when applied to the surface of the skin. Then, gradually, the body responds to the cold treatment and sends an increased flow of warm blood into the area, improving microcirculation.

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Manufactured from 304 stainless steel, the Depuffers should be kept in the fridge or freezer
and washed each time you use them. The Depuffers can also be placed in cold water if the
fridge temperature is too cold for your skin.


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Apply oil or Cleansing Balm to clean skin. Remove the Cryo Depuffer spoons from the fridge and use them to massage your face in fast circular motions. Roll them inwards and outwards all over your face until your skin becomes cold and a slightly red.

Tip: If your face is quite puffy in the morning, it may have a build-up of water under your skin accumulated overnight. In this case, try the following technique.

First, rotate your upper torso, shoulders and neck several times. Following this, rapidly pinch your skin. These actions will stimulate your lymph vessels to activate and begin to flush the excess water retention. Step-by-step video can be found on our Instagram account: @quantum.botanika