Case study: Acne Treatment

I first met 19-year-old Justine at my clinic in November 2015. She arrived wearing a lot of make-up and styled her beautiful long hair over her face, to hide her acne.

It was important to Justine that I wasnt a doctor, having asked me both on our initial phone conversation and during our first meeting.

Justine came to me with Stage 3 Acne. At this stage, doctors usually prescribe all sorts of medication externally and internally. I have previously experienced this myself, as I suffered from terrible acne breakouts from the age of 13 and tried nearly everything to control it.

The problem with this approach is that the medication may help you for a while during the time that you are taking it, but once you stop the medication your skin care issues can increase. Not only this, but health problems can also arise from the toxicity of the medication, which can affect your internal organs, especially your liver and digestive system.

Following our initial consultation meeting, Justine agreed to commence treatment with me and told me I was her last hope.

After I removed all her make-up and starting to examine her skin, I could see the high level of inflammation on her face and deep-rooted, swollen spots. I could see that Justine was feeling uncomfortable now that all the make-up had gone.

Justine asked me if I feel disgusting looking at and touching it; I was shocked that she would think like that, but she explained to me that her skin issues had even caused her to separate from her boyfriend, as she compared her skin to that of a frogs skin.

Justines treatment process

The treatment plan with Justine was very intensive as she was planning to leave the UK in February, so we had quite a limited time to generate the massive improvements she desired.

I am proud of my methods and results, which are based on old-school skin therapies that I learnt in Russia 20 years ago and that still work brilliantly today.

It was of the utmost importance to me that I only used products containing natural, plant-derived ingredients on Justines skin, rather than any harmful chemicals, to help improve and strengthen the skins immunity so that it becomes strong and healthy to fight the breakouts itself. This is the approach I use on anyone with problem skin. I also avoided any laser or high-tech devices on Justines skin, to avoid further inflammation or damage.

Justine attended my clinic for treatments nearly every week from November through to February. With my help, she also changed her diet, which she says has never been healthier. Furthermore, thanks to my knowledge and background in naturopathic medicine, I recommended some supplements that are particularly good for skin health, based on Chinese herbs that reduce the heat from the body, according to Chinese philosophy. Throughout the treatment process, Justine received my coaching and on-going support, to encourage her to stick to her new diet.

Overall, Justine had 10 appointments over a three-month period. By her third appointment, Justines skin was less inflamed and we could already see an improvement, which had also been noticed by her friends.

By her fifth appointment, Justines skin was far less inflamed and the reduction in spots was already visible. By her seventh appointment Justines skin was noticeably smoother and healthier, with no bumps under the skin. By her last appointment in February, Justine had just one spot on her cheek that came just before her menstrual cycle.

Despite her high stress levels and smoking habit, Justine didnt suffer from cold or flu during the winter time, plus her bowel movements improved, her menstrual cycle became regular, her PMS stopped, she lost unwanted weight, her self-confidence improved and the quality of her skin was stronger and smoother.

The bottom-line of Justines acne journey to healthy skin and self-confidence is that there is no need to put your body through medication, which can have long-term harmful effects, in an already toxic, polluted world. With determination, patience, effort and to be in the right hands, you can fight (it is a real fight) unwanted spots on your face.

Justines skin journey in her own words:

I came to London after I turned 18, to improve my English, find a job and join an art and design school. Within a few months, thanks to a bad diet, stress and long work shifts, my skin started to suffer from inflammation and acne.

I tried every cosmetic brand and visited a private dermatologist, but nothing improved my skin. Eventually, I came across Nataliya Robinsons website via Twitter. She is the first person who has really helped my skin and understood it further than the medical aspect. Instead, alongside her skin treatments, Nataliya also helped me to change my diet. I have seen a huge difference in my skin and now I finally feel good and comfortable about myself. I am now taking care of myself again, which I realized I hadn’t for quite a while.


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