Aspirin Face Mask-brown post-acne marks

Masks that contain aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) can take the heat out of an inflamed spot and help gently exfoliate dead cells without irritating healthy cells. If you use this mask on a regular basis it can help reduce brown post-acne marks (apply at night once a week).   How to prepare: Mix a tablespoon of natural plain yoghurt with 1/5 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and two crushed aspirin, and add two drops from a capsule of vitamin E and two drops from a capsule of vitamin A. Apply the paste to problem areas, including brown post-acne marks. Leave on for 20 minutes

Protein Face Mask with Egg White – oily, dry, wrinkled skin.

  Egg white is pure protein that contains albumin, a substance that helps protect against viruses. Another ingredient in egg white called Lysozyme is an effective exfoliator that also tones the skin. Egg white tightens pores, lifts and tightens, and makes skin smoother. Its particularly good for oily skin with wide pores (the egg white absorbs the excess sebum), but also for wrinkles especially fine lines around the eyes. This mask is popular with my clients, one of whom used to suffer from constant breakouts. I recommended she try this mask, and she now loves the effect it has on her

Charlotte’s clear complexion story

From Charlotte's own words : I struggled with acne as a teenager and again as an adult. I have seen doctors and two different dermatologists none of whom have been able to successfully resolve the issue. A friend recommended that I try finding a facial therapist and that is when I found Nataliya. When I first saw Nataliya my skin was particularly active but by the time I had left her it was much calmer. We discussed my diet and Nataliya made me realise that I was eating hardly any protein, which was crucial for my skin to begin to heal. She

Aishia’s Story

Aisha. I have always had relatively good skin with a few spots here and there, however after I turned 20 I started to get acne that I could not control. I tried various face masks, spot treatments, creams and diet changes however I still could not control my acne. Each day I read up on ways to get rid of acne but this did not help and was causing more stress, in a desperate attempt to find the best available facialist I did a google search of Londons top 5 facialists and came across Nataliya s website. Having read a case

Case study: Acne Treatment I first met 19-year-old Justine at my clinic in November 2015. She arrived wearing a lot of make-up and styled her beautiful long hair over her face, to hide her acne. It was important to Justine that I wasnt a doctor, having asked me both on our initial phone conversation and during our first meeting. Justine came to me with Stage 3 Acne. At this stage, doctors usually prescribe all sorts of medication externally and internally. I have previously experienced this myself, as I suffered from terrible acne breakouts from the age of 13 and tried nearly everything to


Skin is something that we all have in common. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes it doesnt. Sometimes it behaves and sometimes it lets us down. But what makes it better is when we can talk about it. When I was growing up I spent a lot of time worrying about my spots. Everyone had a suggestion when it came to improving their appearance, and I listened to them all. One day an old woman in my town told me that applying urine to my face would help to calm them down! It was then that I realised that not all advice

Yuki’s Story

Yuki is 21 years old who came to London study I the university, due to stress, new environment (water, food etc.) her skin started to break out. He mother called me from Shanghai to arrange an appointment for Yuki in order to help her daughter with the skin problems she developed while relocating to the UK from China. Yukis mother never wanted her daughterto use any pharmaceutical prescribed drugs instead they decided to have a regular appointment at my practice. Yuki started to have her treatments on monthly basis, at the beginning I used to see her 3 times per month.

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