Aishia’s Story

Aisha. I have always had relatively good skin with a few spots here and there, however after I turned 20 I started to get acne that I could not control. I tried various face masks, spot treatments, creams and diet changes however I still could not control my acne.

Each day I read up on ways to get rid of acne but this did not help and was causing more stress, in a desperate attempt to find the best available facialist I did a google search of Londons top 5 facialists and came across Nataliya s website. Having read a case study and viewed some before and after pictures I was impressed however I was cautious as I have heard facials can make acne worse. I booked an appointment with Nataliya and sent some images of my skin, she advised my skin was congested and needed deep cleansing. On the day of my first appointment I initially freaked out as I have never had a facial before and was scared it might get worse as my skin is very sensitive to new products. However, by the time I left I knew Nataliya was very knowledgeable about skin health and for the first time I believed I could cure my acne.

During my treatment process Nataliya not only used acne treatments and facials she advised me on diet changes and supplements that benefit skin health, as acne is cured from both the inside and out. Before seeing Nataliya I avoided any social events and had very low self-esteem to the extent that I would miss days of work, now my acne is controlled I enjoy putting on makeup again and enjoy life as it should be!

Nataliya. Aisha came to me with deep-rooted inflamed acne. We changed her eating habits to a more balanced diet and in addition she was put on a Chinese medicine herbal formula to calm down the internal inflammation. To begin with she came for the treatments once per week, then this was reduced to once a month. Overall it took us about 3-6 months to achieve stronger skin without using ANY chemicals or harsh treatments (which can weaker the skin in long term). Now Aisha is coming for a maintenance facial once per month. The last time I saw her was 2 months ago and now her skin is very good.

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