Five ways to keep your skin hydrated in the Summer

Summer Skin Hydration for that Beautiful Summer Glow

We all know that skin hydration is crucial during the colder months, but it also very important during summer. The bright summer sun and the fact that we lose fluids faster during the warm weather, can you leave you with dry and dull skin. Proper skin hydration is the key to achieving a healthy, glowing complexion (for that no-makeup summer glow!), and it can also help to avoid specific problems like dry skin patches and spot breakouts too. So how can you achieve beautifully hydrated skin?

The first step is using products that are designed to not only nourish your skin all day long, but also lock in the moisture. This will prevent your skin from becoming dull and dry, and can also protect against signs of aging.

Skin Hydration Relies on Water

The human body is made up of around 60% water, and so it goes without saying that water is the most vital element when it comes to skin hydration! We’ve all heard this a million times, but even so, the majority of people simply don’t drink enough water to stay properly hydrated. If you are not grabbing a glass of water until you feel thirsty, you are already too late and approaching the initial stages of dehydration! During the summer, we need to drink more water to replace the fluids we lose in the heat, and hydrating skin care will only go so far if you’re not putting enough fluids back into your body to replace those lost. Make it a habit to keep a refillable bottle of water with you and sip it regularly, and this will go a long way towards keeping your skin smooth and supple too.

Hydrating Skin Care for The Summer Months

Hydrating skin care is designed to nourish the skin, providing moisture to the epidermis and help to keep your face and neck elastic and supple. However, if you use harsh or drying products in the initial stages of your skin care routine – such as your cleanser and toner – this will strip your skin’s natural moisture and oils, making it more prone to dryness and tightness.

Use light, gentle products to prepare your skin for a serum or moisturiser, like Quantum Botanika’s Cleansing Balm that thoroughly cleans your skin and leaves a layer of light, non-greasy protective oils in its wake.

Natural Face Moisturisers to Boost Hydration

Natural face moisturisers work with your skin rather than against them to provide the deep hydration and nutrients that your skin needs to glow. Choosing products with natural rather than synthetic ingredients allows you to deliver essential moisture in the most appropriate format for easy absorption, and will help to reduce the likelihood of irritation to sensitive skin.

Keeping Your Skin Hydrated All Day Long

Your skin hydration levels drop as the day goes on, particularly when the weather is hot or if you’re outside in the sun. Sipping water as I mentioned earlier can help to counteract this, as can keeping a mineral-rich facial spritzer to hand to deliver a much-needed infusion of water when your skin starts to flag towards the end of the day. Try our Herbal Facial Toner for a refreshing and calming treat.

Locking Moisture In

Sun, wind, and heat can all strip the moisture from your skin, and so using a light, non-comedogenic (does not block pores) sun screen is a must during the hotter months of the year. This will serve as a barrier to lock in moisture and protect your skin from sun damage, as well as helping to ensure that sun exposure doesn’t lead to problems such as hyperpigmentation or dark spots later in life.

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