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This non-foaming, lipid-based cleansing balm easily wipes away daily grime and makeup, whilst leaving a thin veil of antioxidant protection. It was designed to nourish your skin and provide it with gentle yet effective cleansing without breaking the skin barrier. The skin feels soothed and strengthened – never stripped – but plump, soft and glowing.


This cleanser is a must-have and the cornerstone of your facial skincare regime. Suitable for all skin types and conditions.

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Key ingredients

Sunflower Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Soy Bean Oil, Tocopherol, Aloe Leaf Extract, Chamomile Flower Oil.





37 reviews for Cleansing Balm

  1. Afifa

    I have never tried a cleaning balm with such unique texture, leaves my skin feeling like skin. Does not strip away and make it dry. I feel my skin is looking a lot healthier and youthul. ( i use this as a second cleanse). It also comes really nicely packaged.

  2. carlamariebailey

    From my first facial with Natalyia I was hooked. Natalyia’s healing hands worked wonders on my pregnancy acne and my skin was clear just in time for my wedding. When I heard Natalyia was releasing her own skincare line I had to be the first to try it and I think I was. I love how this balm smells and feels on my skin and after cleansing my skin is clean but not dry.

  3. Nataliya

    Dear Carla . Thank you for such a glorious review and I am very happy that you love my skin care- Quantum Botanika . You were my first online costumer who bought my skin care – very first one ! 🙂 x

  4. Cat

    The best cleanser I have ever used – I first used this during the winter when my skin was extremely dry but also breaking out; this cleanser balanced my skin within a few days. It is perfect for every day use and the ritual prescribed by Nataliya (there is a guide that comes with the product) is an added bonus. The guide shows you how to massage specific acupressure points during cleansing, and encourages you to breathe in the aroma of the cleanser, which has an incredibly calming effect due to its natural ingredients. And it comes with a Gua Sha massage tool! Cannot recommend more! Thanks Nataliya!

  5. AGB

    Heavenly cleansing balm, I use this in the evening as part of my nighttime skincare routine, massaging into my face and neck as per Nataliya’s instructions. It’s so luxurious and feels sublime on my skin. I’m now a Quantum Botanika convert 🙂

  6. Clare Brook

    Finally, after decades of looking, I’ve found a cleanser that leaves the skin really, properly clean (not a single breakout since I’ve been using it), but also plumper, fresher and more moisturised. I like to leave it on a little before washing off to let the wonderful aroma and all the goodness sink in. Thank you QB – this is a real breakthrough.

  7. Liz Tuil

    The absolute best cleanser!!! Has changed my skin. I’m on my 5th bottle

  8. Elena M

    The absolute best cleanser that I have ever used. Leaves skin feeling clean but not dry or stripped. I don’t even need to put on a cream after this!

  9. FT

    Wonderful cleanser. My skin is much less sensitive and red since I started using this cleanser two months ago! Definitely will but again

  10. Alevtina M

    Love love love this miracle product! My skin feels much healthier since I have been using this cleanser and I love my nighttime routine of this cleanser and Nataliya’s massage techniques.

  11. Sarah

    My skin was always dry until I started to use this cleanser – skin saver

  12. Roxane H

    This is by far the best make up remover! Not only does it feel and smell gorgeous but it has done wonders for my skin, I no longer get breakouts since using this range. Thank you x

  13. Layla

    Such an amazing product, my skin looks much better and well looked after. Thank you

  14. Mikala

    The best product I ever used, can’t even describe how much my skin has improved since I started to use this magnificent cleansing balm! This product is brilliant, my skin is never dry again !

  15. Vickie

    It’s amazing! Didn’t expect it to be so good. I felt the difference from day one. Really happy to find this product. Thank you so much.

  16. Jane

    Completely different to other cleansing balms. The almost gel-like texture and the fact that you can rinse it off leave your skin feeling beautifully smooth and refreshed. And doesn’t irritate my sometimes sensitive skin. Fantastic for facial massage too – and Nataliya’s tips for that are the best! I can’t wait to try her other products

  17. Lauren

    The best Cleanser on the market – so good for my sensitive skin, can be used all seasons. I no longer have breakouts or redness. I love all QB products, this one is amazing though!!

  18. Natasha Salkey

    I have a few products from QB now and it’s a brand that I discovered during the lockdown. In fact, QB’s Instagram page discovery is the best thing of my lockdown. QB is Nataliya Robinson’s baby and I love all her sound advice and dedication to her trade and most of all, the brand and the person I can trust!
    QB cleanser is lovely in texture and smell. It’s application gives you a beauty salon experience. After it’s removal the skin feels clean, soft and fresh. On her Instagram page Nataliya provides you with a few ideas on how to get the best out of her products. I love the fact that this cleanser could be also used without the use of a drop of water. Great product.

  19. Nataliya

    Dear Natasha. Thank you for such a great review and for supporting a small business. Your positive feedback is very important to us. And thank you for being a fan of Quantum Botanika. xxx

  20. Kitty

    All of QB’s products are a true reflection of Nataliya and her excellence. The products are in a league of their own. The cleansing balm is so nourishing and you can feel it working it’s magic as soon as it touches your skin. My personal favourite is the hydration gel which makes your skin feel amazing(and as a person prone to very dry skin it could not be better). I can not recommend the products or a facial with Nataliya more – she’s a wizard!! My skin has been transformed thanks to Nataliya and her products.

  21. Aliona

    I bought several products from quantum botanika, loved them all!!! Absolute gem is cleansing balm which, you could also use as face mask, the skin is pure velvet after that!! Thanks a lot!! Best beauty discovery of the last year!

  22. Poppy Riley

    Love this product – once you start using this cleanser you cannot use any other product… your skin is so soft post wash it creates a wonderful base for moisturiser and make up. Also love leaving this on for an hour for a relaxing mask treatment. Wonderful product!

  23. Victoria Damir

    This cleanser feels so indulgent. It has a luxurious texture with a light herbal scent and it works wonders! My skin is left clean, with no traces of makeup, and velvety soft – it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or tight. It also comes with a cute little gold applicator.

  24. Alison Drew

    A beautiful product which loves my skin as much as I love using it. From the naturally calming and indulgent fragrance to the soft, glowing and wonderfully nourished feeling of my skin, a little bit of heaven in a jar.

  25. Brittany

    This cleanser is fantastic! It leaves your skin completely cleansed, yet moisturized at the same time. The texture of the balm is luxurious, and softens into a silky liquid when mixed with water. Top notch product, by far the best cleanser I have tried.

  26. Yulia Gladshteyn

    Best cleanser I could find! It removes make up well and works with my very sensitive skin. It leaves the skin truly moisturized after use. Would definitely recommend

  27. Maria

    This cleaning balm has an amazing texture and smell like heaven. This is like having spa time at home and coming from Nataliya is guaranteed that is full of natural ingredients and superb quality giving you all of goodness that come with it. This balm remove make up well in a very gentle way and leave your skin fresh and smooth you will see amazing improvements in your skin texture in no time. I also follow her on Instagram #quantum.botanika, she has the best tips ever to use the products and how to combine them to keep having amazing and luxurious facial at home with the best results.

  28. Lily Sacofsky

    This cleanser makes taking your makeup off into a spa like ritual! The scent, the texture, the beautiful packaging…it is truly such a treat. Removes makeup so easily without any redness or discomfort. Nataliya is so incredibly knowledgeable about skin and it really translates into her skincare products – they’re the best out there!

  29. Aytan Mehdiyeva

    I’ve been seeing Nataliya for few years now and it’s incredible the line of products she’s launched! I have tried cleansing balm and can not recommend enough. The texture and scent of this balm is gorgeous.

  30. Miriam

    This is a lovely gentle cleanser. It removes make-up easily and leaves skin hydrated and soft. I love the scent and that all the ingredients are natural!

  31. Grace Hodge

    This cleansing balm is another form of genius in this range. Without doubt it’s the best cleanser I’ve used; and I’ve tried a lot! It’s the only range of products I would happily recommend to ANY of my friends and family without any doubt of it working. On application it instantly feels calming, and it is very effective for removing makeup without stripping or drying your skin, leaving it feeling hydrated, plump and clean.

  32. Patsy Rouget

    I have recently started using QB cleansing balm and I’m loving it!
    It’s a fantastic cleanser, it leaves my skin feeling clean, smooth, and hydrated.
    I combine it with the clarifying serum to keep my skin clear and soft.

  33. Sara SW

    This cleanser is amazing! It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and glowing. The lovely buttery texture feels very luxurious and the scent is heavenly! It removes makeup completely without irritating my sensitive skin. As a long-term client I can safely say Nataliya is a true skin magician and I’m delighted to find she’s put that magic in her products as well. Highly recommend!

  34. Rachel

    I started seeing Nataliya for my facials four years ago now when I was suffering from adult acne and Natalyia has really transformed my skin. I have always been incredibly happy with the results of the facials and impressed by Nataliya’s knowledge and skill, so when Nataliya launched her product line, it was clear to me that these products would be amazing. I have not been left disappointed! I use the cleansing balm twice daily and it is the only cleanser I have used that ensures that my skin is hydrated and glowing, without leaving me with breakouts. The balm has a lovely texture and scent and a lot of thought has clearly gone into the packaging, with each pot coming with a useful little golden spatula and sponge. A couple of times a week I use the balm together with the massage rollers (as recommended by Nataliya) which really helps plump up my skin. Truly fantastic product which is part of a fabulous range!

  35. Anna

    This is the BEST cleansing balm and a fantastic all-in-one skincare product! It’s the best in its category in the luxury skincare market- and I am saying this as a self-proclaimed skincare junkie😊. It works magic on my sensitive acne prone skin and I have noticed amazing changes in skin texture and overall skin condition in the first few weeks of using it! I also use it as an overnight mask for extra hydration to feed my skin and wake up glowing. Cannot recommend it enough! And great value for money too as a little goes a long way.

  36. Anna P

    This is the BEST cleansing balm and a fantastic all-in-one skincare product! It’s the best in its category in the luxury skincare market- and I am saying this as a self-proclaimed skincare junkie😊. It works magic on my sensitive acne prone skin and I have noticed amazing changes in skin texture and overall skin condition in the first few weeks of using it! I also use it as an overnight mask for extra hydration to feed my skin and wake up glowing. Cannot recommend it enough! And great value for money too as a little goes a long way.

  37. Helene

    I have travelled and lived across the globe, back and forth. But one thing remains the same: Natalyia’s cleansing balm! It’s a must. Simple as that.

  38. Nadiya

    For someone who struggled with adult acne most of my life, I’ve been looking for products that won’t leave my skin dry and be effective in my perpetual battle with acne. Nataliya’s treatments have completely transformed my skin and her products help me sustain the results for months. I’ve used pretty much all of the products and they’re all great for my skin and complement each other well. However this particular cleanser was a game changer for me. I can’t recommend it enough. It left my skin glowing, I use it as a mask if I need extra hydration or tap it on my cheekbones over the make up if I want that glowy dewy look.

  39. Suzi

    One of my favourite cleansers. The balm is like a silky soft gel that glides onto the skin unlike any cleansers I had used before. It feels very luxurious & melts into the skin gently cleaning the skin & removing make up with ease. I remove with a muslin cloth & my skin feel super soft & hydated. Sometimes I don’t follow with a moisturiser as this is so moisturising itself.

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