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This non-foaming, lipid-based cleansing balm easily wipes away daily grime and makeup, whilst leaving a thin veil of antioxidant protection. It was designed to nourish your skin and provide it with gentle yet effective cleansing without breaking the skin barrier. The skin feels soothed and strengthened – never stripped – but plump, soft and glowing.


This cleanser is a must-have and the cornerstone of your facial skincare regime. Suitable for all skin types and conditions.

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Sunflower Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Soy Bean Oil, Tocopherol, Aloe Leaf Extract, Chamomile Flower Oil.




100ml, 15ml

5 reviews for Cleansing Balm

  1. Afifa

    I have never tried a cleaning balm with such unique texture, leaves my skin feeling like skin. Does not strip away and make it dry. I feel my skin is looking a lot healthier and youthul. ( i use this as a second cleanse). It also comes really nicely packaged.

  2. carlamariebailey

    From my first facial with Natalyia I was hooked. Natalyia’s healing hands worked wonders on my pregnancy acne and my skin was clear just in time for my wedding. When I heard Natalyia was releasing her own skincare line I had to be the first to try it and I think I was. I love how this balm smells and feels on my skin and after cleansing my skin is clean but not dry.

  3. Nataliya

    Dear Carla . Thank you for such a glorious review and I am very happy that you love my skin care- Quantum Botanika . You were my first online costumer who bought my skin care – very first one ! 🙂 x

  4. Cat

    The best cleanser I have ever used I first used this during the winter when my skin was extremely dry but also breaking out; this cleanser balanced my skin within a few days. It is perfect for every day use and the ritual prescribed by Nataliya (there is a guide that comes with the product) is an added bonus. The guide shows you how to massage specific acupressure points during cleansing, and encourages you to breathe in the aroma of the cleanser, which has an incredibly calming effect due to its natural ingredients. And it comes with a Gua Sha massage tool! Cannot recommend more! Thanks Nataliya!

  5. AGB

    Heavenly cleansing balm, I use this in the evening as part of my nighttime skincare routine, massaging into my face and neck as per Nataliya’s instructions. It’s so luxurious and feels sublime on my skin. I’m now a Quantum Botanika convert 🙂

  6. Clare Brook

    Finally, after decades of looking, I’ve found a cleanser that leaves the skin really, properly clean (not a single breakout since I’ve been using it), but also plumper, fresher and more moisturised. I like to leave it on a little before washing off to let the wonderful aroma and all the goodness sink in. Thank you QB – this is a real breakthrough.

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Massage into dry skin, emulsify with Facial Herbal Toner and remove using the sponge or your hands. Try applying light pressure with your fingers to the temples and jawline to aid relaxation. Remember to breathe!

Tip: Mix with Hydrating Gel + Signature Facial Oil O.R.A.C to make a mask. Apply to the skin and wash off after 20 minutes. Use Gua Sha (stone) tool to massage product into skin and to boost circulation.

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