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This powerful spot solution is high in active ingredients, which helps reduce spots and active acne. Inflammation is reduced and breakouts are improved.

The formulation is a powerful, carefully formulated blend of naturally derived ingredients. Suitable for hormonal breakouts and occasional spots.

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Key ingredients

Kaolin, Zinc, Salicylic Acid, Hamamelis-secret blend.

8 reviews for Spot Solution

  1. Nataliya

    I have develop this wonderful Spot Solution for myself to solve my occasional breakouts specially around my monthly cycle or when I indulge myself with some food that I should not eat such as Croissant or Caramel layer cake from Let’o cafe. The Spot Solution is my magic saver . I apply a few layers, leave it over night and in matter of 1-2 days the spot is shrinking. Try it ! Nataliya Robinson

  2. carlamariebailey

    The best spot zapping solution ever. It reduces redness and spot size without being overly drying on the skin.

  3. Sarah

    Very natural and easy to use. Bought it for my 15 year-old son and it really effective but only on big red spots.

  4. Kylie

    This spot solution is amazing! It’s cleared the hormonal acne I’ve developed since being pregnant with none of the nasty side effects you get from traditional prescription acne treatments.

  5. Nataliya

    Dear Kylie. Thank you for your feedback, we are very pleased that our Spot Solution helped with the hormonal acne. X

  6. Amal

    A truly magic potion for spots! It helps shrink their size and make them almost disappear within a few days. I have spots popping on my face all the time and it feels unpleasant (to the point where I used to squeeze them), so I apply the solution morning and night and it works!

  7. Catherine

    I use this spot solution and the clarifying serum together to help reduce any hormonal spots I get around my time of the month. I find using this spot solution really helps to heal my spots much more quickly. This solution has also worked really well for my partner’s acne.

  8. Lily Sacofsky

    The spot solution is something I will never be without and is so brilliant at calming those angry, hormonal breakouts. I apply several times a day to spots and it is also great for stopping me touching and messing with it! I just leave the spot solution to work it’s magic and it never lets me down. I couldn’t recommend more, it has been a game changer for my skin.

  9. Jane

    Absolutely the bees knees! It has been the only thing to help my cystic spots, in particular. I put on at night (gently brush the excess off immediately before bed to avoid it staining the pillowcase!) and again in the morning after I’ve washed my face, leave for 10mins before rinsing off and then moisturising as normal. Unusual smell which I really love! Would unhesitatingly recommend

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Shake well before use, then apply directly to the spot. Use daily until the blemish subsides. Don’t be put off by the true scent of the natural active ingredients, it means it’s working!

Tip: Apply a thin layer on top of Clarifying Serum for a fast-acting treatment. Top models love it!

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